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My Approach

Jesus said, "I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”   Jn 10:10 

We were created and meant for more than just the standard

In traditional counseling, the therapist gets to know you so that she/he can adapt to your worldview; in Catholic counseling, the therapist shares your worldview and will work with you in a solidly Catholic and familiar way.

In traditional counseling, therapy is trying to get you to a functioning place; in Catholic counseling, we are working toward you living your best life as Christ intended.

In traditional counseling, you get good strategies and coping skills; with Catholic counseling, you learn to cope now so that later you are stronger and more open to Christ’s transforming work.

In traditional counseling, the goal is recovery; in Catholic counseling, the goal is restoration so that you experience and live out in your life how you are a new creation in Christ.

In traditional counseling, you and your therapist implement strategies to help in your recovery; in Catholic counseling, the Holy Spirit guides you and the therapist in selecting and implementing strategies in an individualized way -

since the Holy Spirit knows you best – to bring healing and wholeness.


In traditional counseling, increasing your self-esteem is important; in Catholic counseling, you learn to embrace your Dignity as a Daughter or Son of the Most High God. 


In traditional counseling, you and your therapist work through your anxiety, depression, trauma, or problems; at Nellie K Counseling, you not only work through these, but you also learn how to pray through them. 

I offer individual therapy and group work for adults ages 18 through 65+

(unfortunately I do not counsel children/minors)

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