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Uprooting Shame

Updated: May 31, 2021

"... shame is primarily an emotion that undermines us not so much via our left-mode, rational processing but by eroding our felt sense of connection and safety, something that supersedes the linguistic, logical, linear, factual mode of mental activity. As such, in brain time, to be less than, to be inadequate, is felt, sensed, imaged, long before we think it... to relationally confront our shame requires that we risk feeling it on the way to its healing. This is no easy task. This is the common under current of virtually all our relational brokenness. We sense, image, feel, and think all sorts of things that we never say, because we're far too frightened to be that honest, that vulnerable. But honest vulnerability is the key to both healing shame - and its inevitably anticipated hellish outcome of abandonment - and preventing it from taking further root in our relationships and culture."

Dr. Curt Thompson ~ The Soul of Shame

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